Here are just a few stories of clients we have already benefited to illustrate the range of our skills and the possibilities for your business.

Image One
When Barbara and Matt Condron started their window cleaning service in 1994, they had hopes of successfully working their business together and supporting their four children.  They soon found that what they needed in order to grow their business, were a list of solid business goals to help them fulfill their dreams.  Tim Walsh met with them and provided business guidance to help them succeed.  They still count on him for all their accounting needs and any business issues that arise.  Their successful business has allowed them to live the lifestyle they desired.  Image One has been a thriving business for 15 years and looks ahead to a future of positive growth.

Franchise Owner
When franchise owner, Tom, wanted to sell his business he hired Tim Walsh to handle not only the necessary details but also some “big picture” direction.  In the end, the client was extremely pleased with the results and continues to consult with Tim as he considers his next possible franchise business.

Homelink Corporation
Founding Owner CEO/President, Joe Mlaka has worked hard to grow his innovative service business in which his team helps relocate families into temporary housing when they have suffered a catastrophe such as a fire, flood, hurricane, etc.  They work directly with insurance companies and policyholders 24 hours a day to make sure the family is taken care of by immediately
getting into a hotel and then a temporary home while they are displaced.  Over the years, Homelink has counted on Walsh One to provide business consulting services as the business expanded.  When Joe was ready to expand his business, he depended on Tim Walsh to guide the process.  He now looks to a bright future of continuing business growth as he reaches goals and makes new ones.