Walsh One Newsletters13-Apr-2010

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Welcome to Walsh One Consulting

Walsh One is a different type of accounting firm, with a very different approach to working with owners of small-to-medium enterprises (SME).

You are in business to win, and our goal is to help make that happen for you.

We believe there’s a great deal more to business than just some accounting reports from a CPA in Gurnee, IL. Building your bottom line, increasing the value of your business, and enhancing the quality of your life is our focus, and is what makes us different.

As a member of the RAN•ONE Global Network , we have access to a wealth of resources and tools that provide business improvement ideas not available anywhere else in the world. We will tap into this rich resource network to help you address such issues as improving cash flow and profits, gain clarity on business and personal goals and develop an action plan to achieve them, and so much more. We’ll work hand in hand with you so you can gain a broader view of what is possible in your business.

If you truly want to solve some of your everyday business problems and improve the overall quality of your business and personal life, there’s a good chance we might be a good fit for your company.

To know for sure if we are right for you requires a frank discussion – of your goals, your dreams, and your issues. From there, if we believe we can help, we’ll tell you exactly how, and what the impact might be. If a more successful, valuable business is important to you, let’s talk.

Our Mission Statement

 At Walsh One Consulting, we are committed to providing our clients the tools to focus on their business growth maximizing their wealth potential and helping them understand the dynamics of the financial aspects of their business so they make the best decisions, while guiding them through the process in reaching their goals.

Tim Walsh, CPA Gurnee
Accountant located in Gurnee, IL